On this page you will find the various EuroFM initiatives. EuroFM is open to all those who are interested to join a taskforce and become actively involved in the development of FM in Europe. If interested please contact the EuroFM team.  


To promote and improve the flow of knowledge within the FM industry, EuroFM together with IFMA is setting up a detailed task plan using the present resources of both parties to advance the FM practice in Europe. Consistent with the demands of EuroFM members this task force is asked to set up an easy to handle working mode which is able to contribute to the representation of FM within the EU framework.

Interested to join this task force and to make the difference? Please contact the EuroFM team:team@office-eurofm.org
Please let us know if you want to join no later than December 22th 2014.

The goal of this task force is to define the demand of services and to define the services that EuroFM can provide to increase the value of the EuroFM member associations within the European FM framework.

In the interest continuing to connect the different parties and share the information that is offered by all parties, EuroFM is looking for you to join this EuroFM Taskforce and help  define the needs of all EuroFM members organizations.

You can sign up through the EuroFM Team. Send an email to:team@office-eurofm.org

Please let us know if you want to join no later than December 22th 2014.