Market Data report



One of the main objectives of EuroFM is becoming the central source of FM related information. The 'EuroFM Market Data' project is focused on just that. It uses the EN15221 structure to gather European market data. The project was proposed by FMN at the Member Meeting in Groningen. The board decided to embrace the proposal and include it in its 2010-2011 Work Plan. At the same time IREBS student Sven Teichmann delivered his report stating the European FM market would be € 640 billion large. Also, the increased interest for FM from the investment market and construction industry formed an argument to try and create transparancy and in doing so raise the image of FM as being the largest Business Services sector. The goals of the projectwere defined:

  1. Yearly measurement of the market volume of European FM
  2. Collect existing FM market data from the European countries (no academic research)
  3. Sort the data on the bases of the EN15221 classification
  4. Present the result to the European market.

Members of the project team were selected:

  • Representing Belgium and Luxembourg: Mr.Jos Duchamps, PROCOS (also project manager)
  • Representing Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Turkey: Dr. David Martinez, Bureau Veritas (also Chair PNG EuroFM)
  • Representing the Baltic States: Prof. Roode Liias, AEFAM
  • Representing The Netherlands: Mrs. Dorien MichelsFMN
  • Representing Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland: Prof. Per Anker JensenDanisch CFM
  • Representing UK, Ireland and Scotland: Dr. Maragaret Nelson, Bolton University (endorsed by BIFM)
  • Representing Switserland, Germany, Austria, Italy and France: Mr. Peter StaubPOM+
  • Representing Rumania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Poland: Mr.Ondrej StrupIFMA Czech Republic and Mr. Jozsef CzernyHFMS

November 10, 2010 the first pre-liminary report will be presented to the European Parliament. At the Member Meeting in Brussels (feb. 2011) the first full report will be presented. The project is funded by pre-sales of the full report at a special price of € 30 for a minimum of 150 copies. If you would like to pre-order 150 copies of the 2012 report please contact us For ordering the 2011 report please contact Team EuroFM to receive a quote for the number of copies you like. The contents of the report are:

  1. Management summary
  2. Volumes structured on the bases of EN15221
  3. 10 Mega Trends in East, South, West and Northern Europe
  4. Themes discovered
  5. Results per country and results per facility and service
  6. Data collection method explained and sources presented
  7. Advertorial of organisations that pre-ordered the report

The organisations that pre-ordered 150 copies of the 2011 report are:

The project group is preparing the 'EuroFM Market Data' report 2012. Please contact Team EuroFM if you have good data to be included or want to join the project group. The report will be delivered at the February 2012 EuroFM Meeting.