Join our FM students during the Summerschool in Heerlen

08 Sep 2017

From the ENG chair, Olga van Diermen:

“During the past months, the program for the EuroFM Summerschool 2017 was finalized. The popular international week for FM students will take place this autumn, hosted by Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Heerlen, the Netherlands) from October 2 until October 6. I guess we may call it a tradition by now! For many years EuroFM has been organising Summer- as well as Winterschools for their university members. In the meantime, many students can call themselves EuroFM alumni. If you are not yet familiar with the EuroFM schools, you may wonder: 1. What’s in it for the students, 2. What’s in it for the universities and 3. What’s in it for us as EuroFM?

The first two questions are actually very easy to answer. During an international week like the coming Summerschool, FM students from all over Europe will study together. It gives them the possibility to gain international experiences during their studies, to practice their knowledge about intercultural communication and also their English language skills. However it is not only the students who are lucky. For universities it offers their lecturers the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues from all over Europe, in an international setting. Thereby enhancing international education experiences across their curriculum. Another advantage is that the students, and lecturers, will be researching interesting and up to date topics within FM. In Heerlen they will be focussing on the added value of FM within ‘vital communities’.

So, that leaves us to the third question: what’s in it for EuroFM? “A lot”, is the answer! EuroFM, especially the Education Network Group (ENG), aims to support universities worldwide by creating opportunities for students and staff to exchange and connect. A setting like the coming autumn event stimulates this in a great way. Even more important is that EuroFM can help universities to promote research within their FM programs. As ENG, together with the Research Network Group (RNG), we are convinced that only by continuously doing (applied) research, FM professionals can facilitate the best possible services and products to their current and future clients. The topic of ‘vital communities’ fits perfectly with this ambition.

You can imagine we are very proud of our own EuroFM educational programs! And with us also our university members: the hosting of the Winter- and Summerschools up to 2019 is already secured. Hopefully you will join us in Heerlen to meet our international FM students!”

Last modified on 08 Sep 2017