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The main role of the Practice Network Group is bringing together the national associations representing practitioners in FM to form a European body of FM professionals and to facilitate an exchange of national initiatives, activities, developments and events. Further roles are:

  • Work with the Education Network Group to define requirements for professional education .
  • Work with the Research Network Group to define research subjects relevant to the FM practitioner.
  • Define methodes and tools (i.e. library of reference material) for guidance for FM practitioners.
  • Illustrate the FM added value to the economy by publishing strategies, concepts, data, and further information are essential for any companies to think of an apply.
  • Be relevant to the needs of the individual FM practitioners
  • Bridge language/cultural barriers. Support individuals to a strategic thinking an behavior and therefore bring the FM business on a strategic level in each company
  • Support individuals and organizations to be more creative, effective and therefore productive as a result of exchange of best practice knowledge within the PNG.


Please note: Login is required to obtain documentation regarding PNG network group.

The European FM Leaders Conference took place during the EuroFM Autumn members meeting October 2014 in London, United Kingdom.
The conference was initiated by the Facility Management Netherlands, the Dutch national FM association for all national associations and their representatives to get well- acquaintance with one another.

EuroFM fully supports this initiative of bringing together all national FM associations in Europe to discuss relevant FM developments that will benefit all parties. As this is also a part of the EuroFM’ mission.  
The conference created many insightful discussions, which EuroFM will make use as a substantial output by continuing this initiative to bring forth the demands and action points through the Practice Network group. Please use this page as a point of reference and to stay up-to-date of the progress.
As a delegate of the European FM Leaders Conference and EuroFM members please use the required login details to gain access to the documents. In order to obtain required login details please contact the EuroFM Team.

29-30/10/2015 - Recap European FM Leaders Conference Milan


Call for PNG Workgroups: Where creativity meets productivity!

PNG is looking for workgoup members to work on several PNG initiatives.
For further enquiries or to sign up please contact the PNG Chair Karin Schaad.