• To facilitate an active education network in Europe reflecting the integrated approach to FM education, research and practice
  • To assist educational institutions in drafting their FM curricula and to set standards of FM education in Europe
  • To encourage and facilitate student exchange between EuroFM Member universities
  • To encourage and facilitate an active knowledge sharing and staff exchange culture amongst the EuroFM member Universities
  • To enhance internships with the FM industry and other FM related organizations
  • An inventory of present FM curricula in EuroFM Member Universities: The inventory is made in a form of a Bachelor Thesis report, which makes the present study offering visible to all interested parties (deadline Fall 2015).
  • Developing Internship Programs within EuroFM Universities: researching the possibility to professionalize internships with an aim to build a “EuroFM internships program”. The main objective of this project is to benefit EuroFM Corporate Associates (CANG) members and Practice Network (PNG) members (deadline Fall 2015).
  • Development of EuroFM Honours/Excellence Program: an inventory of present programs at ENG members in order to create an overview of all programs. The aim is to develop a special Honours/Excellence Program for the highly motivated and skilled students within the EuroFM member Universities (deadline Fall 2015).
  • Contact information: Olga van Diermen, EuroFM ENG Network Group Chair, o.g.vandiermen@hhs.nl