February 2017

February 2017

We would like to thank you all, who participated in our Oslo meeting last week. Once again our sincere thanks to Oslo-Åkershus University College of Applied Sciences, Knut Boge and his colleagues for hosting our 2017 EuroFM Winter School and the EuroFM Members Meeting.

The remarkable thing of this last Member Meeting in Olso, next to the regular program which in Oslo was perfectly organized and hosted by the Oslo-Åkershus University College of Applied Sciences was the thrilling sense of new things to come. It was just in the air. Indisputable. EuroFM on the move. A new era for FM now with the new board in place. As freshly appointed by the members there is Matthew Tucker who now took over the RNG chairmanship from Susanne Balslev.

Privileged with the presence of the honorable members Ole Emil Malmstrom and Olav Egil Sæbøe, former chair Ron van der Weerd and former treasurer Alexander Redlein EuroFM was able to meet with a great turn up of FM professionals from whole over Europe again. This meeting of FM minds and FM ideas simply was surpassing excellence.

A promising get together for this year to come! Looking ahead to a challenging EFMC in Madrid (thanks for joining us also in Oslo, David Martinez!), a great FM full program to be organized during World FM day (thanks Gordon McMillan for your presentation!), the EuroFM summer school and next Members meeting in Heerlen- Hoge School Zuyd (thanks for the preview Hans Gijsbers!) Also during the EuroFM Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Friday the participants took a look into the future and stirred on the needs of the FM community in the coming time. It is quite clear: EuroFM is here to enhance the FM profession! 

Read here the full program.

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