February 2013


EuroFM Meetings Wadenswil Feb 2013The EuroFM Spring Member Meeting 2013 took place in W├Ądenswil, an attractive small town with about 20.000 inhabitants close to Zurich. With it's idyllic landscape on the left side of the Zurich Lake and the romantic peninsula Au W├Ądenswil is a preferred location to live. The city is near the mountains and offers the opportunity to book the weekend for skiing or other winter sport activities.

The meetings took place at the University of Applied Sciences ZHAW where also the school of Life Sciences and Facility Management is located.

Here you will find a short film introduction to the school and place (in German):FMPro

Our sincere gratidue to host Fmpro and ZHAW for a warm welcome and an unforgettable networking event.

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