The organizational structure of EuroFM is composed of a chairman, vice chair, treasurer, and from each network group a chair is also in the board, having a total of seven board members. Every two years the positions are handed over to other active members/participants within the network group. Currently EuroFM has a total of four network groups under supervision by the following board members:


Pekka Matvejeff  Chair of EuroFM: Pekka Matvejeff (

Goran Milanov  Vice Chair: Goran Milanov (

Scott Newland web Treasurer: Scott Newland (

Olgasite Chair Education: Olga van Diermen (


 Matthew Tucker small Chair Research: Matthew Tucker (

Renske van der Heide Chair Practice: Renske van der Heide (

Mauro Rabolini Chair Corporate Associates: Mauro Rabolini (