EFMC 2011 – Vienna

'Cracking the Productivity Nut'

TU Wien Exhibition

WKO Office

Arkandenhof 2 ViennaArkadenhof City Hall Vienna

Our member the Vienna University of Technology wi has been the venue for the EFMC 2011 conference. The high left picture shows the beautiful Kuppelsaal where the Research Symposium took place. The second picture shows one of the Vienna style meeting rooms at the university. The third picture shows the offices of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce  at the Schuamburgergasse 20/8 where almost all EuroFM, IFMA and Global FM pre-conference meetings took place on May 23. In the evening the 'Chairman's View Toast' took place at a marvelous location with great views over Vienna. TU Wien MeetingThe lower three pictures show where the Awards Gala Dinner took place on May 24: Vienna City Hall.

Events and meetings that took place before and during the EFMC (status 16/5/2011):

  • 'EuroFM Market Data' meeting (May 23, chaired by Jos Duchamps)
  • eFMI Editorial Board meeting (May 23, organised by Richard Byatt)
  • 'IFMA Government Leaders Day' workshop (May 23, organised by IFMA)
  • Golf Event on sunday May 22 (organised by Alexander Redlein)
  • Social Event after the Golf Event on (May 22)
  • Student Poster Competition
  • EuroFM Awards Competition
  • 'Association Leadership Platform meeting (May 23, chaired by Wayne Tantrum)Volkshalle Vienna City Hall
  • EuroFM General Member meeting (May 23, organised by EuroFM secretariat)
  • IFMA Foundation meeting (May 23)
  • Book Presentation 'Management by Design' (May 24, by key-note speaker Daniel W. Rasmus, at the Exhibition Floor)
  • Austrian ATGA Facility Kongress Award Ceremony (May 24 at the EuroFM Award Gala Dinner, organised by ATGA)
  • Master Report Presentation by MSc David Menkveld (May 25, at the Exhibition Floor)
  • Debate of the Year on the Conference Theme (May 25, led by Ass. Professor Bernard Drion)
  • 'European Competency Model' by Klaus Homann
  • Global FM Workshop (May 25, organised by Global FM)
  • Meet & Greet GEFMA-Munich EuroFM Meeting November 2011 (May 25).

The conference was hosted by the Austrian EuroFM members (represented by Markus Aschauer) and took place side-by-side at the same location as the

(video) takes place in Vienna.