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The next EFMC 2018 will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria

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EuroFM members meeting Heerlen 4-6 October 2017

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EuroFM presents to you its latest project: Women in FM

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Researcher of The Year award 2017!

The Researcher Of the Year 2017: Simon Ashworth!

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Latest news

Preliminary program out now: autumn EuroFM Members Meeting

"Take notice of the preliminary program autumn EuroFM Members Meeting! The next EuroFM Members Meeting will take place  4-6 October 2017 in Heerlen, the Netherlands and will be organized together with the"

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eFMi 41 is out now!

"The second publication 2017 of the European Facility management insight magazine is out now! Read all about the latest FM insights and comments in the specific columns. Learn from background information in t"

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FM Performance Indicators. Benchmarking Survey

"In collaboration with participating members of EuroFM Research and Practice Network Group, the BIFM International SIG are undertaking a research initiative to obtain data to measure a succinct set of FM Perfo"

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Research papers 16th Research symposium EFMC 2017 available for download!

"The general conference theme for EFMC 2017 is “Consolidating the Global Scope of Facility Management” and this is also the theme of the 16th EuroFM Research Symposium, which is organized as part of the confer"

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Autumn EuroFM Members Meeting 2017

"The next host for the autumn EuroFM Members Meeting is Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen, The Netherlands. Zuyd UAS (University of Applied Sciences) is a midrange university (13.500 students) in "

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Upcoming events

EuroFM Summer School/International School Zuyd Heerlen, the Netherlands!

"Zuyd UAS (University of Applied Sciences) is the host for the coming EuroFM Summer School in combination with the Inernational week "

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Autumn EuroFM Members Meeting 2017

"The next host for the autumn EuroFM Members Meeting is Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen, The Netherlands.  The E"

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Leveraging Workplace Design and Technology to Enhance Engagement, Collaboration and Performance

"The world is constantly changing, and as the workforce becomes more diverse and technology evolves with it, employees are expecting "

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IFM symposium 2017

"Facility management Innovation for healthy living and work environment! The IFM Symposium promotes innovation in facility managemen"

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Smart Workspace Design Summit

"Would you like to know how to better attract top talents from gen Y? Or how to improve productivity, collaboration and well-being th"

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IFMA's World Workplace Conference & Expo 2017

"The most all-encompassing learning and networking event on facilities and how to manage them. Immerse yourself in all things FM — fr"

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EuroFM is the European FM platform organization that brings educators, researchers and practitioners in the field of Facility Management (FM) together. The aim is to bring forward the FM profession and to come to a better mutual understanding by learning and sharing FM knowledge. EuroFM is here to facilitate networking opportunities and to share best practice, the advancement of knowledge of Facility Management in Europe.