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Call for research papers – 15th EuroFM research symposium

Submission of abstracts for EFMC2016 in Milan, Italy the 8-9 June is now open. The conference general conference theme is this year “FM - enhancing people and business”. Read about this years procedure for the research symposium.

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15th Research Symposium in Milan: FM enhancing people and business

"This years research symposium once again presents original research that contributes to the understanding of the role of FM in organization and to encourage discussions and the development of new knowledge amon"

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Internship opportunity: hosting the EuroFM Members Meeting and Winterschool February 2016

"DHBW Stuttgart is currently looking for an international or German student, interested in coordinating the Winter School and Annual Members Meeting 2016 of the EURO FM-Network in February 2016. The internship s"

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FM enhancing people and business: EFMC 2016 in Milan!

"Save the date of 8 - 9 June (with a proviso), for next years EFMC 2016 in Milan. More information will follow soon!"

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Members are invited to comment on the EuroFM strategic goals!

"The Glasgow General Members Meeting documentation of 3 June 2015 is now available. Please use your login details to read the minutes and the EuroFM strategic goals document here. During the general members"

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Upcoming events

International SAP Conference on Real Estate Management

"Join the 2015 International SAP Conference on Real Estate Management, 22-24 September, in Potsdam, and discover how SAP solutions ca"

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CIFMers - International Congress for Facility Managers

"In September 2015, Madrid will be again be the host city for CIFMers, the International Congress of Facility Manager. After the"

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WORKTECH15 Berlin - Transforming our future workplaces

"WORKTECH15 Berlin is the forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and"

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Vacancy in Real Estate

"From 5 -9 October 2015 Zuyd University of Applied Sciences hosts an international week. The theme of this week is vacancy in real es"

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EuroFM Members Meeting October 2015

"Save the dates 29-30 October 2015 for the upcoming EuroFM members meeting in Milan!"

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EuroFM is the European FM platform organization that brings educators, researchers and practitioners in the field of Facility Management (FM) together. The aim is to bring forward the FM profession and to come to a better mutual understanding by learning and sharing FM knowledge. EuroFM is here to facilitate networking opportunities and to share best practice, the advancement of knowledge of Facility Management in Europe.